Terms of Bank Lending to Farmers

    Publications and papers by Emanuel Melichar (www. emelichar. com)

Bank Financing of Agriculture
Federal Reserve Bulletin,
June 1967,  pp. 927-953
Summarizes, at the national level, the results of the
June 30, 1966 survey of farm lending by commercial banks.
Data are comparable to previous surveys made in 1947 and 1956.

Other Federal Reserve publications based on the farm loan surveys are listed in:
Publications based on the 1966 survey,  3 pp.
Publications based on the 1947, 1956, and 1966 surveys,   11 pp.

New Survey of Terms of Bank Lending to Farmers
Agricultural Finance Review,
May 1978,  pp. 53-56

This quarterly survey of farm loans continues to date (2011).  Results were
at first published in Statistical Release E.2A of the Federal Reserve Board.
After 1991, results were published in Section A of
Statistical Release E.15,  the Agricultural Finance Databook.

The final Databook published by the Board of Governors was for the Second Quarter of 2010.
It included the usual six historical charts of terms of bank loans (pages 3 and 4).
Go to the Second Quarter 2010 Databook

Quarterly Databooks from December 2002 to March 2010 can be accessed by inserting
the desired end-of-quarter date (from 20021231 to 20100331) into the following url:
www.federalreserve.gov/releases/e15/20021231/pdf/databook. pdf

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City now oversees the Agricultural Finance Databook.
The url is:
Go to the latest Databook

Sampling Procedures and Coverage,  Survey of Terms of Bank Lending
Report to the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development,
Federal Reserve System,
June 25, 1976,   9 pp.

Analysis of Variation in Interest Rates on Bank Loans to Farmers
Presented at the annual meeting of the Econometric Society,
Chicago, Illinois,
August 30, 1978,  (Tables only,   8 pp.)