1960 Census Survey of Farm Debt

    Publications and papers by Emanuel Melichar (www. emelichar. com)

Farm Debt:  Data from the 1960 Sample Survey of Agriculture
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System,
    Part I, Introductory Notes, pp. N-3 to N-36,
    Part II, Tabulations, pp. 1-185

Presents extensive tabulations of the Census Bureau's first national sample survey of farm debt as reported by farmers and farm landlords. Published by the Federal Reserve Board in cooperation with the Agriculture Division of the Bureau of the Census, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Farm Credit Administration. Additional tables also reviewed by the Bureau of the Census comprise the Appendix of Merchant and Dealer Credit in Agriculture, listed below. Data are comparable to surveys made and published by the Census Bureau in 1965, 1970, and later years.

Economists at several Federal Reserve Banks published analyses using special tabulations supplied by the Board:

List of Publications Based on the 1960 Sample Survey of Agriculture
Compiled by Emanuel Melichar, May 1966

For information about the regression techniques used in the papers listed below,
see Least-Squares Analysis of Survey Data

Real Estate Debt
Never-published extensive analyses of farm real estate debt,
complete with text, tables, figures, and appendix tables,
May 20, 1965,   191 pp. (only text has page numbers--tables and figures are inserted where cited).

Also available are separate files containing only the Text, 86 pp.;   29 Tables, 31 pp.;   41 Figures, 47 pp.;  and 12 Appendix tables, 24 pp.

For a statement of the original 1965 plans for analyses and publication, see Note to Readers.
The project was shelved as explained in a 1974 Memo and revived plans therein proposed also went unfulfilled as more current farm financial concerns continued to demand higher priority.

A second, Alternative Text presenting the same analyses is undated, seemingly better-written, and shorter--63 pages plus only 6 tables. However, this text refers to a larger set of 47 "charts" (rather than "Figures") which, if it exists, has not yet been found. This file includes text, tables, and appendix tables--everything except the missing charts. A file of the Alternative Text Only is also available.

Another set of 30 interesting Additional Figures displaying the Census data appears unrelated to either of the texts found so far.
These figures on color graph paper constitute a relatively large (19 mb.) file that may take over a minute to download.

The 1974 Memo cited above indicates that additional parts of the larger analytical project existed and may yet be found among my papers in storage.

Factors Related to Farmers' Use of Credit:  Least-Squares Analysis of Sample Survey Data
Journal of Farm Economics,
December 1965,  pp. 1468-1473

Estimates how various characteristics of farmers and their farms affected the
probability that a farm operator was indebted in December 1960.

Analysis of Variation in the Use of Merchant-Dealer Credit
Chapter VII,   Merchant and Dealer Credit in Agriculture,
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System,
1966,  pp. 53-70

Merchant and Dealer Credit in Agriculture:
Data from the 1960 Sample Survey of Agriculture,
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System,
1966,  70 pp. plus Appendix, 40 pp.
Foreword by Chas. N. Shepardson, Member, Board of Governors
Principal author:   Wilelllyn Morelle
Co-authors:   Leon Hesser and Emanuel Melichar

Analyses of farm operator and landlord debt owed to merchants and dealers in December 1960.