Agricultural Finance Databooks, 1976 to 1987

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Evolution and use of the Agricultural Finance Databooks

Annual Series Databooks, five issued between February 1976 and November 1979

    Provides guides to the alarming trends in farm sector debt ratios.
    Includes access to the entire November 1979 Outlook Conference Issue.

Monthly Series Databooks, issued most months from March 1977 to January 1984

    Includes access to two entire issues which together present data from January 1973 to December 1983.
    Also provides access to annual compilations of the "Overview" comments and Appendix materials featured in many issues.

Quarterly Series Databooks, issued quarterly from July 1978 to December 1983

    Includes access to two complete Quarterly Series Databooks

Databooks of the mid-l980s, seven issued between July l984 and June 1987

    Includes access to the June 1987 Databook featuring calculation of farm sector profitability and balance sheet data back to 1910