A Bibliography of Agricultural Finance Literature to 1978

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Agricultural Finance Bibliography to 1978

Agricultural Finance Bibliography
Compiled with the assistance of Harriet Holderness and Marian Sayre,
First preliminary (and only) edition,
November 1978,   513 pp.

The Bibliography lists 3,159 items by 1,478 authors. Each item is listed under each coauthor as well as the principal author,
resulting in an additional 968 duplicate entries.

Each page has been reduced to about 60 percent of the original.
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In connection with the literature review being written for the AAEA, a search was conducted to identify (and, if possible, to obtain a copy of) everything written on U.S. agricultural finance as defined for the literature review.

John Brake and I compiled a list of over 2,000 items while writing the review in 1974.
We cited 300 items in the review we finished in April 1975.

Subsequently I sent a list of their items to 306 authors, asking for confirmation, corrections, and additions. Replies from 283 of these authors helped to swell the number of items to over 3,000, requiring over 500 pages if printed in date order under each author. (Go to a special reply)

The project was automated, with code numbers assigned to authors, institutions, journals, collections, publishers, etc., so that entries could be efficiently added (code numbers plus title). A special program using a fast internal memory sort of the code numbers made it feasible to print the Bibliography in different orders (by journal, by publisher, or by date, etc.). But the use of code numbers also introduced the possibility of strange errors.

Although all entries had not been verified, in November 1978 thirty letter-size copies of a "First Preliminary Edition" were produced on a machine that could reduce and collate that number in one pass, and 29 were distributed nationwide. (Go to Distribution letter and list)

As late as September 1979, I wrote "Work continues on the Bibliography (continue to send me your papers and publications)." Unfortunately, the advent of farm financial problems both greatly increased the amount of financial writing and reduced the time available for cataloging it. The Bibliography was not maintained, but the huge collection of publications still exists, residing mainly in one of my Las Vegas garages.