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   Agricultural finance, 1960-1987

Overview of my work in agricultural finance   (written in 1989).
"Introduction"   provides a quick overview of the 1972-86 boom-bust cycle  (written in 1992).

Real-time reports and analyses of farm sector financial developments
   Before the boom
   During the boom, 1972-1980
   During the bust, 1981-1986, and beyond

Survey of agricultural finance literature, 1900s to 1975---Sponsored by AAEA,  co-authored with John Brake
Bibliography of agricultural finance literature, 1900s to 1978---Lists 3,159 items by 1,478 authors
Agricultural Finance Databooks, 1976 to 1987---Evolution of the 96 Databooks produced over 11 turbulent years

Terms of bank lending to farmers---The 1966 survey of 88,000 loans, and the quarterly surveys, 1977 to date
Fund availability at rural banks---Federal Reserve Committee on Rural Banking Problems
Seasonal borrowing privilege---Reappraisal of the Federal Reserve Discount Mechanism
1960 Census survey of farm debt---Official tabulations, and never-published analyses of real estate debt

   Other subjects

Least-squares regression analysis of survey data
Economists' salaries in the 1960s / AgEcon labor market in 1982
State individual income taxes in 1960
Programming the IBM 1401 computer
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